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Watch free Brother 2000 thriller movies online

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Brother is a thriller film directed by Takeshi Kitano, he is a famous film maker in Japan. The great part played by him on film, this is a film about the mafia, in Italy the film is titled “Aniki, Mon Frère”, formally released on 24 November 2000.

The film is so fast, this plot began when he was shot in Los Angeles, California, Takeshi Kitano plays as Yamamoto, the only officer yakuza. Defeated in war with a rival family, then his boss was killed, and he became a leader in LA.

Brother 2000 poster

Brother 2000 poster

I think Takeshi Kitano managed to become the director and players on the Brother (2000), if we look at the IMDB, this is not a lot of negative reviews from film enthusiasts, and even got a pretty good rating of 7.2 of 10. If any of you who have not had time to watch this movie, there is now an opportunity for you to watch this movie for free, I provide links that can help you headed straight to the source video.

Brother film pictures

Brother film pictures

Where and who to watch Brother crime movies online?
In fact many ways to get this movie, but the most easily and quickly is by using the links I provided below.

Cast list and movie information:

  • Video length: 114 min
  • Film genre: Crime ,Drama and Thriller
  • Official release date: 24 November 2000
  • Film Director: Takeshi Kitano
  • Story Writer: Takeshi Kitano
  • Cast: Takeshi Kitano, Claude Maki and Omar Epps

Brother (I) (2000) video trailer

Brother (2000) online

Brother (2000) online

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