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Full length The Adventures of Tintin Adventure movies online

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The Adventures of Tintin is a movie taken from the classic comic book by Hergé. Soon “The Adventures of Tintin” will be in the movie 23 December 2011, directed by Steven Spielberg, staring by Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig.

Comic book “Tintin” popular since the 1929 – 1976, until today there are still many people who collect and enjoyed this comic character. Tintin is a young reporter, and Hergé made ​​him a major figure in every adventure.

The Adventures of Tintin poster

The Adventures of Tintin poster

Although the adventures of Tintin are formulas and has a mission to solve the mystery is solved logically, but Hergé package it with humor and comedy are fun. Besides supporting characters that were created are also very good. Hergé also has a great understanding of the mechanism of the comic strip, especially the pacing, skill displayed in The Castafiore Emerald (one episode in the comic), a work he intended to be packed with tension where it does not really happen.

The Adventures of Tintin film pictures

The Adventures of Tintin film pictures

And in the movie by Steven Spielberg, and the plot or storyline as follows:
Tintin and his friends find the way to a sinking ship commanded by Captain Haddock ancestors and go on a treasure hunt.

Where I can watch The Adventures of Tintin 2011?
This will be a most anticipated film by fans of “Tintin” around the world, one important thing that will make this popular film follows the original comic book, is due to be made by the great director “Spielberg”, who tdak know him? great films are always born in his hand. For image quality and the best viewing experience only in theaters, but if you are busy and want to immediately watch online, follow the button below.

The facts of this film:

  • Genre: Animation ,Adventure and Family
  • Release date: 23 December 2011 (USA)
  • Film Director: Steven Spielberg
  • Story Writers: Steven Moffat and Edgar Wright
  • Cast: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig

Full Length video will available soon!

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