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Watch The Hunger Games online

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Full length streaming 2012 The Hunger Games online

If you are fans of Jennifer Lawrence, now you can see her in the new film directed by Gary Ross, a new Action film “The Hunger Games” was released on 22 March 2012, see it in your local cinema or immediately watch online over the internet.

“Hunger Games” begins with an event to determine the 2 people from 12 districts and 24 people to form a battle with one another to have one winner. A successful example of murder. At first the film is very slow. That building, introducing a variety of contestants and make you hungry to see battle.If you have tolerated this one until the interval, the higher your expectations sick for half a mind-boggling 2.

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

2012 The Hunger Games storyline
Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister’s place for the latest match.

  • Original film title: The Hunger Games (2012)
  • Video length: 142 min
  • Genre: Action ,Drama and Sci-Fi
  • Release date: 22 March 2012 (Indonesia)
  • Film Director: Gary Ross
  • Story Writers: Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins
  • Main cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth

The Hunger Games (2012) Videos

The Hunger Games (2012) Videos

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