Posted on Jul 07

The Current Top 5 movies in July 2011

5 Top Best Movies to watch in July 2011, the list are includes Transformers-3, cars 2, Super 8 and Larry Crowne, now all of those movies available...

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Transformers: Dark of the Moon became a box-office in a week

Transformers: Dark of the Moon became a box-office in a...

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Posted on Jun 27

Cars 2: children’s films beat big Hollywood movies

Cars 2 (2011) is the best box-office movies in week-4 June 2011, now you can watch this film...

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Posted on Mar 19

10 best movies to watch based on user request

10 best movies list on march 2011 based on user request and most watched. Its Black Swan, Battle: Los Angeles and Rango...

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Posted on Nov 25

Best Watchlist November 2010 – Best Movies To watch Online

Here is my best 10 recommended movies to watch in November or December 2010, its include Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Megamind and The Next Three...

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Posted on Nov 07

10 Box-Office movies week of 29 October 2010

The best movie list (box-office) film that you should watch, this list made based on week of October 2010, now you can watch all the movies free and...

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Posted on Sep 18

Will Devil (2010) become top Box Office This Weekend?

M. Night Shyamalan is back with new, fresh and great story "Devil", watch this future box office movies online and...

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Posted on Aug 28

Most film people watch in June – Aug 2010

10 best film that people watch in July - August 2010, The Expendables, Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Salt and lot...

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Posted on Jul 27

[Movie news] Weekend Box-Office Update on July 2010

The summary of 10 box-office movies on the week-4 july 2010, Inception still lead and ranked as #1 best movies this week, and new released "Salt" surprisingly in #2, check it...

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Posted on Jul 14

10 Best Box-office movies July 2010

Despicable Me is the top animation movies on July 2010, based on IMDB the biggest movies database it gross $56.4M and still counting, see the complete 10 box-office movies in...

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